Women In Comedy: How Local Comics Kept Up During COVID


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What is the state of comedy like now in the state of Massachusetts as we emerge from the pandemic? In a year of such loss, increased violence against Asian Americans, and police brutality against Black lives, is it even okay to be funny? Well, if we ever needed a laugh it’s now, so we’re yukking it up with some local women comedians to kick off our summer fun series.


Bethany Van Delft, founder of the “Artisanal Comedy” show, host of iHeart Radio’s “The Ten News” podcast, and co-host of NOVA and PBS’s Parentalogic digital series. She is a regular performer and producer at the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston and her debut comedy album “I’m Not a Llama” landed in 2019. She was named Boston Magazine’s “Best Comedian” in both 2019 and 2020.

Kelly MacFarland, a featured headliner for the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston for over a decade, and first runner up in the Boston Comedy Festival. Kelly has appeared on The Today Show, The View, Comedy Central, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing, just to name a few. She has two comedy albums out, “Bombshell” and “You Woke up Today.”

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