#133 Healing The Seminal Wound (with Dr. James McLeary)


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This this week I spoke with Dr. James McLeary. James is a deeply experienced wisdom holder, expert facilitator and member of the Elder Council of Inside Circle Foundation. Inside Circle focuses on reducing prison violence, lowering recidivism, and guiding inmates through healing that allows for meaningful lives after release.

He is the executive producer of the documentary, THE WORK, detailing Inside Circle’s program in Folsom Prison.

I saw that documentary, you have to watch it, it’s a powerful documentary. He’s got a powerful energy and he knows the score on Jungian psychology, 12 Step Recovery and a lot of things and it’s a very interesting conversation. I think he’s talking about ways of setting up ceremonial space for us to deal with the deep truths about who we are and move from unconsciousness to consciousness, move out of the unaware habitual behaviours that condemn us to a life of bland consumerism, out of that into the fire of our potential awakened existence.

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