#194 The Jungian Perspective (with Lisa Marchiano)


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This week I spoke with Lisa Marchiano! Lisa is a Jungian analyst, author of Motherhood: Facing and Finding Yourself and co-host of This Jungian Life podcast.

In this episode we speak about Lisa’s new book about parenting, and how becoming a parent or taking on those responsibilities, is an incredible opportunity for growth. We learn so much about ourselves from the struggles and hardships we endure. Lisa also shares her knowledge about Jung and applies it to a variety of cultural events I put to her—from the Britney Spears conservatorship to the European Football Championship. Are we hardwired to worship and seek the transcendent in everything? Are there mythological tropes and narratives being played out in front our eyes that we can learn from? Let’s see.


For more info on Bradley’s work and book go here: https://lisamarchiano.com/

Lisa’s Twitter: @LisaMarchiano

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