Garage n Bass With A Festive Touch – Episode 260 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


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HA-WHAT-HA-GWARN my sexy people.

They’re starting to put bloody turkey and stuffing in everything. Turkey Nut Stuffing Latte fam where you at?! Means it must nearly be Christmas. So I had to buss out a tiiiiny it of Christmas cheer in this show.

Next one is the Christmas Speshy. Although what’s gonna make it speshy is a complete mystery to me right now.

Bless up baby Jesus.


Track list

Vellum – TLC
1403 – Miracles
Clean Bandit – Solo (Charles Jay New-K-G Remix)
On1 – Slug
Mind Of A Dragon x Royal Flush – Rings
TuffCulture – Waves
Conducta – Not Enough
Smokin Jack Hill – Nobody (Charles Jay N-K-G 2-Step Remix)
Tuff Culture – The One
Kobe JT & Minista – Ur Love
Marts – Conflict
Save Link As – On Your Mind
Phonetix ft. Harsh – Last Christmas (130bpm Extended Mix)
Para – Christmas Riddem
Nekst – Connektions (Ft Orla O’Dwyer) (Mind Of A Dragon Remix)
On1 – Hybrid
Zemon – R
Fork and Knife – 57% Burnt
Kazumi Anzai – The Line
Suga7 – Hold Me Down
Jaylow – Didn’t Know
Flava D – Love Like This
Zemon – Boy Racer
TuffCulture – Metropolis
Nekst – 4 You
Tengu – Right To Kill (V.I.P)
Rude Jude X Zemon – Raven
TuffCulture – Just One
Skippit – In Your Eyes
Jaguar Skills & Wheeto Feat Scrufizzer – Jump
Volac – Funky (extended mix)
Kage – Vibrate
Pelikann – Push The Tempo
Deepski – Wobble
Ekula – We Original
Kazumi Anzai – Superglue
Bakes – Dreaming
Nekst – Midnight Oil
Negativ – Envy
SaidWho – You Know What To Say
Perko – Rounded
Leon Kadillak – Thankin’ Bout

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