It’s Called Garage n Bass Honey Look It Up – Episode 271 – Bumpy UK Garage with DJ BrainZ


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Aural assault incoming. This show was a proper journey. Strap on your garage n bass waders and get knee deep in some bass sludge.

Related – Bass sludge is how I describe the remainder of my brain.

I less than 3 your faces.


Track list

Franky Wah – Words
MPH – Midnight
MKII – Tomorrow
Keerd – Subaqueous
Higgo Feat Kyst Cortez – Same Way
Movement – N20 (Night mix)
Bk2Bassix Ft. Jadey Leigh – Believe
Deadly Habitz – Set Me Free
Bk2Bassix – Keeping It Real (feat ABI)
WTS feat Mya K – InSane (Blakk Habit Remix)
DHL – Favourite Girl (Shagos Full Vocal Remix)
Save Link As – Y’all Ready
Man Of Steel – Crazy
Groove Chronicles – Know Me (4×4 Vox Dubb)
Carpenter Man – Gettin Out Dub
George Wilson – Smile (Original Mix)
MPH – Say It
Save Link As – Tribute
Pavv – When You Say
Blasta X Steps – Stolen (Original)
Marvel & Eli – Watch Dis (2 Step Mix)
Zemon – This One
On1 – Slinky (Fork And Knife Remix)
Sine Step – Mars
Limita – Vino
Zero – Pay For Thrills
NuBass – Trippin’
Ash Turner & Jade Marie – Problems
MNNR & Tombz – Who’s She
Nekst – Flaming Dragon
SPACEGAT x MPH – Firearm
MPH – Inside
Martial Taktics – Fight (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Just10 & Left/Right – Walls
Stonewash & Vanilla Skillz – Lose Control (BasStyler remix)
Sine Step – Rage
Khésis, Left/Right – Could Be
Zemon – Decisions
Lunas – Feels
MKII – Falling
Unvion – Ghost In Cave

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