Neurodivergence and eating disorders: a chat with EDNA's Chair Laurence


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On this weeks episode I am very happy to introduce Laurence Cobbaert the Chair of Eating Disorders Neurodiversity Australia (EDNA). Neurodiversity Australia is a non-for profit organisation that is focused on advocating on behalf of neurodivergent Australians affected by eating disorders. Laurence holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Masters of Philosophy in Gender Studies both from the University of Adelaide and from her current completion of her PhD at UNSW. Where Laurence is currently undertaking further research into sensory perceptions, eating disorders and neurodiversity. At Neurodiversity Australia all 5 board members within the organisation identify as being neurodivergent with Laurence also having lived experience of having had Atypical Anorexia. This podcast episode is truly incredible and knowledge that everybody should be aware of, so I am very happy to be able to talk about it here for you today.


1. Sensory perceptions

2. The neurodiversity paradigm

3. Autism and ADHD

4. Gender, neurovergence and eating disorders

5. Why intuitive eating might not be the best approach for those who are neurodivergent

6. The importance of self- advocation, authenticity, respect and dignity

7. Eating Disorders Neurodiversity Australia services

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