24: Samurai Swords and Scorned Lovers


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This week Christie and Nicole were inspired by the woman that attacked her avid gamer boyfriend with a samurai sword after learning that he downloaded Tinder to his phone and may or may not have been cheating on her. Was his gaming too much or was her reaction? The Dynamic Duo weighs in.

From there, the ladies share stories of scorned lovers and the crazy things they have done in the heat of the moment. These traumatic tales include, but are not limited to:

· The guy that ghosted on his fiancée and years later met karma when he accepted a job where she would be his supervisor.

· The girl that tried spying on her ex-boyfriend by crashing a wedding.

· The guy that flushed his girlfriend’s beta fish down the toilet after finding out she was cheating on him.

· The husband that cheated on his wife with his mother in law only to have the mother in law try to run him over with her Mercedes for destroying their family.

· The woman that sought revenge on her cheating boyfriend by peeing in the bath water that he brushed his teeth in (a weird story all around).

· The woman that attacked a boyfriend with a taser then branded him with the letter “R”.

· The ridiculousness that is people living duel lives.

Nicole and Christie also share some life updates- Nicole attended an Areal Yoga class and Christie believes her Amazon Echo or “Alexa” is stealing her sitcom ideas.

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