UR 230: Helping Female Sex Addicts — Marnie Ferree


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On this week's episode of the Undone Redone podcast, Tray and Melody welcome a long-awaited guest to the show, Marnie Ferree. Marnie is the founder of Bethesda Workshops, a program that specializes in helping those struggling with sexual brokenness and was the first of its kind to help female sex addicts in what was thought to be a "male only issue." Marnie shares her struggles with infidelity and sexual brokenness, how she has created workshops and resources to help other women, and why it is so important to approach sex addiction as a human issue rather than a purely male or female one.

Her book, No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction, was one of the earliest books on female sex and love addicts and provides crucial information for women looking to escape the cycle of sex addiction.

Our listeners can learn more about all the resources Marnie has available by visiting bethesdaworkshops.org/ and can check out her book at https://amzn.to/37mET39.

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