Unfiltered Marketing: The Multi-Faceted, Powerful Punch of Blogging


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Why Blogging is Still One of Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools

Blogging is not a new trend, but it still plays an important, central role in successful marketing strategies. This week Unfiltered Marketing welcomes SJC’s content manager onto the show to talk about why blogging is still not only relevant but also a powerful tool that’s both affordable and dynamic.

The Blog’s Nine Lives: The genre of blogging has a chameleon quality, changing and flexing to meet new marketing trends, but it remains a reliable foundation for marketing content. That’s because at its heart, a blog is written as a way to reach your target audience and help them solve their challenges.

Blogging has changed shape over the years, evolving from more of a stream of consciousness feel to a snappier, quick information format. With each fresh new face, blogging continues to dominate content strategies as the go-to format to reach audiences.

What Blogging is Not: There are a lot of misconceptions about blogging, but a key one to address is the idea that a blog is intended to be a sales pitch. A blog is expected to add value to the reader by solving a problem or providing insight around a controversial topic in the industry. It’s not about the sales pitch.

Another common misconception is that your customers don’t read blogs. It’s possible that your customers don’t read them only because nobody in your industry is utilizing blogs yet. This represents a great opportunity for you to be the expert voice in your industry and provide value to people searching for information about your products or industry.

Where Blogging Gets Powerful: While you can publish a blog and simply place it on your website, it’s really a powerful part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The more quality content you have on your site, and the more you distribute it and link to it, the better your search rankings will be.

What if You Can’t Afford to Blog: Many small- or mid-size companies pass up the opportunity to blog because it appears time-consuming or expensive. Our team discusses the power of writing a blog even just once per week, and they also point out that blogging is one of the most affordable options for outsourcing marketing.

To learn more about the role that blogging plays in a successful marketing strategy, listen to this week’s episode of Unfiltered Marketing. After that, check out Episode 10 of Season One to hear more from our content manager about the role of content in your company’s growth.

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