#10 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby ft Al Iafrate


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Welcome to the 10th episode of Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby. On today’s episode, we dive into the third round of the playoffs. There are four teams left. Boston, Columbus, San Jose and St.Louis. Unfortunately, it looks like the Cinderella story that is the jerks from Carolina may be coming to an end. The first two games against the big bad Bruins has not been close. Let's hope the jerks make it interesting. Onto the next series which is a little bit more unpredictable. San Jose and St.Louis are tied at 1 game apiece. The MVP of the playoff is Logan Couture. It’s not even close. He is the perfect 200ft player. On the St.Louis side, Jordan Binnington is 9-2 after losing a game. This kid is unbelievable. The PGA Championship is coming up. Tiger is favored! I love Tiger. I am so excited about it. When he is in contention, there is nothing else like it. We now welcome on our featured guest. This man played 799 games in the NHL, 152 goals, 463 points and for the longest time had the highest recorded slap shot at 105mph. Mr. Al Iafrate! The boys talk about getting screeched, getting drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, being traded to Washington, going naked underneath your jock and cutting the iconic mullet. Al recalls the when he was closest to winning the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins, smoking cigarettes before and after games and his 105mph slap shot using a wooden stick. We close with our Mothers Day edition of Drambuie Island. Mama B hates KFC, loves Bob Cole and the Ottawa 67s. We educate her on all the Canadian born players in the playoffs still playing so she will tune in. Enjoy!

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