#11 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby Ft Mike Commodore


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Welcome to the 11th episode of Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby. Barns is back from Pittsburgh. He had an ex Penguins poker game and filmed two CBS Specials. He’s Mr. Big Time now. We talk NHL playoffs. Two teams left. Barns gives us his expert picks. Barns won a bet with the lead blogger at DeanBlundell.com Shug McSween. Barns and Shug bet on the Leafs and Bruins series, and we all know how that went. Barns is taking the time to bring Shug onto the podcast to humiliate him and gloat about the huge W. Without further ado we welcome our featured guest. Everyone asked for him and we delivered. This NHL vet played 483 games and 1 year in Russia and is an absolute twitter troll. Ladies and gentlemen Mike Commodore. Mike and Barns discuss playing at North Dakota, hazing, hair, the 03/04 Calgary Flames, and 06/07 Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup runs, playing in Columbus and a crazy story involving Jay Mckee. Mike tells us an insane story about getting sucker punched outside a shawarma place, breaking someone’s face and playing later that night. Stuff..of..legends. If you know Mike, you know he doesn’t like Mike Babcock. He has some serious issues with his former coach and isn’t afraid to share his honest opinion. Mike is convinced that his career was sabotaged by Babs on purpose. He believes he is not alone. We close with Mikes favorite players he played with, becoming an Uber driver and his involvement in Sauce Hockey. Enjoy!

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