#12 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby Ft Dean Blundell


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Welcome to the 12th episode of Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby. We are calling this installment. Matthew Barnaby’s fucked up podcast. Why do we call it that? Today’s format is not our typical format. We take Barns off the leash and let him run wild. We have a special appearance by the big boss man Dean Blundell of DeanBlundell.com. Canadian radio legend. Dean has started a radio and podcast network in Canada and is hitting new heights. He is the reason Unfiltered is alive and well. The boys talk about the new venture, meeting in a rub and tug, donkey sex, the Stanley Cup Finals, at 2500$ bet, the Toronto Blue Jays and taking a dumb in handicap washrooms. Barns does not like Drakes’ antics. Loves his music but hates the attention he was getting. The guys discuss if Drake is helping or hindering the Raptors historic playoff run. Switching douches, Lance Armstrong did a sit-down interview with Yahoo and Mike Tirico. It disgusted Barns. We dive into that and his pompous high horse persona. Washington Capitals forward, Evgeny Kuznetsov had a video released of him being around cocaine in a hotel room. Barns recalls the first time he saw cocaine and how much of a culture shock it was. We close the interview with huge news involving DeanBlundell.com and this podcast. We are changing the media landscape and couldn’t be more excited about it. We finish off the podcast with some Stanley Cup Final talk, Slava Voynovs’ suspension being lifted, Barns having BBQ sauce in his jersey during triple overtime and some twitter questions. Enjoy!

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