#13 Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby Ft Arron Asham


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Welcome to the 12th episode of Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby. On today’s episode Barns discusses being in Toronto for the weekend and taking in game 2 of the Raptors and Warriors. Barns says it is the best Finals event he has ever been to and he’s been to many of finals throughout the sports world. Unfortunately, he went 0/3 on his bets and blames Dean Blundell. Onto the Stanley Cup Finals. It is a series folks. After seeing what has gone down so far Barns has the series going 7. The resiliency of St.Louis is unbelievable. Hold onto your hats folks. Onto our featured guest 15 year NHL vet, 789 games, 208 points over 1000 PM, Arron Asham. Barns hated the guy when he played and makes no bones about it. Let’s see how this goes. The boys talk about the jump from Junior to the NHL, playing with players you hate, the toughest guy Arron ever fought, bar fights, ecstasy before a game, fighting as a small guy and the legendary nighty night celebration after fighting J.Beagle. Arron lets us in on some dangerous stories involving a biker gang, guns, knives Club Super Sexe and a left hook. On a lighter note, Aaron gives us his favorite bar on the road, best city, best rink and a story about breaking Barnaby's nose and bitch slapping Brian May. We close with everyone’s favorite segment Drambuie Island. Mama B gets into the Raptors, Stanley Cup Final and we play fuck, kill, marry Boston Bruins edition. Enjoy!

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