#14 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby


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Welcome to the 14th episode of Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby. On today’s episode Barns dives deep into game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. Rask is going to win the Conn Smythe. Chara is a beast, broke his jaw and came back the next game. Hockey players are one of a kind. This is a huge game for St.Louis and their fanbase. Barns hammers the referees in the playoffs so far. The eye in the sky is coming to the NHL. Onto the Raptors vs. Warriors. The Raptors blew a huge opportunity last night against the Warriors.Durant pushed himself to come back and suffered a horrible injury. Barns hates how the Toronto fans cheered his injury. Barns’ girlfriend's son is superstitious Warriors fan and left him a savage note about touching his shit. We get into free agency. Jeff Skinner got PAID. Be prepared to see contracts that are 8 digits. We get into hedging your bet and a St.Louis superfan who has a shit load of money on the Blues winning the cup. We talk odds for the U.S Open. Barns also gives us his pick for the tourney. To close Barns triggers Mama B by ordering two large pizzas to her house.

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