#2 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby ft Brad May


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Welcome back to the second episode of Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby and it is a dandy. March Madness is here, that means it gambling season, we go over Matthews’ tough weekend. We breakdown the playoff picture right now, who is making a run, who is going to be on the outside looking in and Stanley Cup favourites. Barns holds nothing back when addressing Eugene Melnyk and his idiocy. He needs a muzzle and shock collar. Don Cherry also has been a piece of work over the last few weeks. We welcome on our first guest ever Brad May! The boys get into Mays’ Stanley Cup run, shitting yourself, the legendary “May Day” goal, diarrhea that almost ended Mays’ career, Rob Rays toothbrush and a legendary story involving Barns, a fire extinguisher the Sheraton hotel and an evacuation. We close with Drambuie Island. Is Matthews real name Neil? We play marry, fuck, kill with Ms.Barnaby. It takes a dark turn. Enjoy!

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