Trystan Reese - Supporting Transgender Families


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Perhaps best known as “the pregnant man” of 2017, Trystan Reese will be sharing his unique parenting journey to the UU community on October 6th. You’ll hear about how he and his partner became the “accidental gay parents” by adopting their niece and nephew, then how they went on to have their own biological child a few years later. He’ll share the story of deciding to have a baby as a transgender man, and how that decision ripples across the globe, creating change in more ways than he could have ever imagined.

Speaker Bio

Trystan Reese sprang into the public consciousness in 2017 when he and his partner, Biff, told their non-traditional pregnancy story in the mainstream media. He and Biff are also the adoptive parents of Biff’s biological niece and nephew. They are proud to have expanded the public conversation about trans reproductive justice, queer families, and what it means to be a father. He regularly tells the unique story of his family’s creation to audiences across the country. He is also the Director of Family Formation at Family Equality Council, a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ families and those who wish to form them.

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