UaD #99 -The Pre Trip planning Episode


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The gang are preparing for the UaD trip, so this is a short episode with some questions we put to each other. Join the new and improved Facebook Group - The Official After Dark Podcast Network Want a T-Shirt? Now available in our facebook group. Order at with UAD T-shirt as the subject. $20 in the US or £15 in the UK (includes shipping)Mail us and follow Boston on Instagram @bostonwhite Join the FB group for merchandise or if you want to support Dis and Universal After Dark and get access to exclusive shows you cannot get anywhere else :-) Check out some of the other shows on The After Dark Podcast Network like; Check out some of the other shows on The After Dark Podcast Network like; Dis After Dark, Universal After Dark, Everybody's Got One, Bif! Pow! Bam!, Morlando, Sixth Year Seniors, Time Limit Draw, Discover DLP - A Disneyland Paris Podcast, Pop After Dark, That Kevin Smith View Askew Review, The Customer is Always Weird, Breaking Bo****cks, Better Call Paul, After Darks Halloween Adventure - a HHN 29 Trip Planning Podcast Simon Says, My Bench and Half and Half Scarves. We have podcasts about Theme Parks, Movies, Pop Culture, Comic Books, Orlando, Wrestling, US College Sports, Football and Comedy. Something for everyone!

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