Episode 44- How many likes till love? Ft Katrina Alvir


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In todays episode I chat with Katrina Alvir a trained teacher and mentor and developer of the REAL program. This program looks at developing character and virtue in teenager girls between the ages of 12-16. Never before have girls been so pressured to be 'PERFECT'. We now more than ever need to teach our daughters to cherish, love and respect their bodies. We need to teach them how to lift and champion other girls. We need to teach them that comparison only brings anxiety and they should not compare their bodies, looks or talents. We need to teach them that beauty comes all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes. We need to teach them that their own inherent dignity, worth and value can only be fully recognised as a beloved daughter of God. We need to teach them that human love, just like God's love cannot be bought or earned- it is freely given. We need to teach them that they are enough, they are loveable, just the way they are. BUT to teach them this we need to believe it OURSELVES. Christopher Peterson - Positive Psychology. http://www.positivepsychology.com Viktor Frankl- Man's Search for Meaning. The Chosen

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