Episode 544: Q&A 94: Can Solar Sails Explore The Outer Solar System? And More...


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In this week's questions show, I answer a question about solar sails, what geologists might learn from lunar rocks, if Earth could survive inside Jupiter, could gas giants be closer to the Sun, and more.

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What is an Electric Sail? Another Exotic Way to Explore the Solar System - https://youtu.be/-pIl_cv3OkA
Oldest Rock From Earth Was Found On The Moon (Of All Places) - https://youtu.be/0h_ckjhGdjs
What are Globular Clusters? Relics of the Early Universe - https://youtu.be/BjzptXhpsz8


00:15 Solar sails to the outer Solar System?
01:57 What could geologists learn from more lunar rocks?
04:01 Could Earth survive inside Jupiter?
05:49 Would gas giants change if they were closer to the Sun?
08:01 What if aliens have different laws of physics?
10:19 Best places to put a telescope
12:03 Difference between globular clusters and dwarf galaxies
13:31 Water shielding for a rover
15:16 Do I play RPGs
17:32 Should science be outcome-based?
19:33 Could you orbit the Moon more closely?
21:17 Site to avoid light pollution

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