In the News, Feb 1, 2019


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This is a podcast which picks up a few interesting things that have appeared in the news in recent weeks. In this episode we have something from science, archaeology, and the environment.

In science, we learn that scientists are exploring ways to use bacteria to recover and recycle precious metals from electronic waste. This is a promising line of research which may mean less waste, and less pollution.

You can find out more about this here.

In archaeology, we look at a new theory about why the maoi, giant statues on Easter Island, were placed where they are. This theory suggests that it was because there were sources of fresh water nearby.

You can read more about this new theory here:

And in the environment, we learn that scientists have found that global warming is causing oceans to rise higher and more quickly than was previously thought.

You can learn more about this dangerous situation here:

Worksheet Answers:

  1. B 2. Because there were sources of fresh water near those locations. 3. D

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