Resiliency in Life with Dave Rippy


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As human beings we all have hopes, dreams and aspirations in life as to what we want to do with our lives once we get into adult hood. Though high school, College at both Villanova and Texas A&M, Dave Rippy was on the fast track to fulfilling one of his life-long ambitions as he landing a job with a fortune 50 company. Following several weeks working at his new job and only 25 years old, Dave experienced a debilitating setback. A car accident that caused a life-altering paralysis. Following the prognosis from a team of top flight neurosurgeons, it was deemed that Dave would have permanent paralysis from the shoulders down.

Dave’s incredible story is truly an inspiration to me and so many others. Through his perseverance, determination, loving support from his family and friends, Dave Rippy was able to overcome and triumph over his paralysis and become a major force and success at two of the biggest and best financial firms in the world, (Vanguard and Merrill Lynch and equally become an even better human being, brother and son). Dave describes in great detail how he has utilized traditional rehabilitation methods along with incorporating cutting edge meditation methods to help with his recovery and ultimately remake his life.

In today’s show, we are all going to learn that no matter what we are faced with, no matter what obstacles or road blocks that are in the way, we can persevere and move past our challenges in life and create our ideal life.

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