359. James Carbary - B2B Podcast Best Practices


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James Carbary is the founder, executive producer, and co-host of Sweet Fish Media, a company that produces podcasts for B2B brands. Today, he shares his expertise on creating, distributing, and getting the most mileage out of your podcast.

Key points include:

  • 01:28: Tips on how to create a great B2B podcast
  • 07:07: The naming philosophy of a podcast
  • 10:33: Common mistakes people make when setting up a B2B podcast
  • 14:37: How to make it a memorable experience for the guest
  • 16:59: Sourcing freelancers to create micro videos
  • 18:13: Turning the podcast into a blog post
  • 23:54: Implementing keywords
  • 30:24: The services Sweet Fish Media provides
  • 35:48: A strategy to get more listeners

Check out James’ company Sweetfishmedia.com or connect to him through LinkedIn.

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