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What is the process like for a designer in the early stages of launching a YouTube channel focusing on designing and making products? How do we stay motivated to produce content when working from home leads to feeling exhausted by the end of our work day?

In this episode, Mike and Tim start off by sharing their latest obsessions ranging from real time rendering software to YouTube related activities. They get into a discussion about the latest progress on Tim’s YouTube channel where he hired a graphic designer to develop a logo for his brand and is ready to start posting videos. He shares his views on focusing on producing content in lieu of spending all his time marketing his channel.

Mike shares his latest struggle with feeling tired by the end of his work days. Each workday ends with a walk outside to get some fresh air, but he can’t find the motivation to produce content for his brand. In the meantime, he’s meeting new people and joining discussions in virtual happy hours as well as getting involved in architecture groups on Facebook. He gets into a discussion with Tim about trying to figure out whether he wants to interact with the group with his brand, Evolving Architect, or just as himself.

Learn more about Mike and Tim’s latest endeavors in this episode of design life.

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