Episode 118 - Unpacking Design Life - Live Streaming and YouTube Channel Launch


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As Mike and Tim transition to creating video based content, both of them are trying different methods and platforms. What is it like to go live and share the process of designing architecture with software like SketchUp? What are some of the differences between live video streaming and YouTubing?

In this episode, Mike talks about his transition to live streaming on Twitch and Facebook. His idea was to work on his personal architecture design project that he submitted for a competition years ago, but to update the SketchUp model and show his audience his process. He wants these live sessions to feel more like a time to hang out with other architects and be able to answer any questions related to the project or the career of an architect in general.

Mike and Tim have a discussion about a new platform Mike discovered and started to use for live streaming called Streamlabs. This allows Mike to go live on multiple platforms at the same time. They brainstormed ideas for artists and designers who want to go live and talked about the opportunities that creative people have with the ability to create a product by the end of the livestream while bringing their audience through the process.

Tim shares his experience so far developing his videos for his YouTube channel and talks about his focus on developing content and sharing his projects on his social media platforms. He talks about eventually creating videos on topics like getting unstuck on a design project.

Learn more about Mike’s livestreaming and Tim’s YouTube endeavors in this episode of design life.

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