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Why is it important to find consistency in everything that you pursue? Why should designers start trying all the things that they’ve always thought about doing?

In this episode, Mike talks about consistency with livestreaming and working on growing an audience. He’s learning a lot about live interaction with people who are asking questions or commenting during the livestream. Although Mike has been focusing an evening on livestreaming architecture content and another on playing a video game, he’s enjoying both the same. Having the variety of livestream topics has been helpful in making sure it’s enjoyable and not become a chore. Mike has been taking breaks whenever he needs to so he could recharge.

Mike also purchased a magnetic white board with letters and numbers as a new medium for creating posts for Instagram. It might be used for a simple quote, a statement, a drawing, or anything else that Mike might be thinking about.

Tim has been focusing a lot on developing content for his YouTube channel including expanding to different mediums and topics like wood lights and architecture. He’s been able to get 100 subscribers in two months, which is the average amount of time that it takes a new YouTuber with no subscribers.

Tim is also working on developing a website for Ung Studio to share all of his products and videos. The website will eventually include a shop where subscribers can buy the files for the products he makes on his YouTube channel. He’s also planning to launch a book every year as a monograph of his work and as a way for his subscribers to support his endeavors.

Learn more about Mike and Tim’s experiences with staying consistent with live streaming and YouTubing as well as opportunities that they’ve discovered along the way.

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