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As designers, how do we develop the habits to stay productive and focused on our projects? Is it better to focus on building one habit at a time, or multiple ones at the same time?

Tim starts this design life by sharing his recent collaborations with Glowforge, the manufacturer of the laser cutter that he uses for a majority of his projects. He shares his experience working with them to develop a spotlight feature video of himself and getting his designs into their community catalog. He also talks about renovating his YouTube studio and his upcoming collaboration with his friend from NYC who specializes in calligraphy.

Mike talks about his 75 day challenge that includes fitness and self-improvement focused goals. Mike chose 6 different things to focus on with his 75 day challenge that included simple goals like no alcohol, taking daily selfies, 750 calorie deficit every day, read 10 pages of a non-fiction book or 30 minutes of an audiobook, writing a paragraph a day, and taking 10k steps a day. The first 30 days were simple to accomplish each of these challenges, but started to feel like he needed to take a break by the middle of the challenge. Now that he’s at the end of the challenge, Mike is relieved that he could move on from a lot of the challenges and return to how his life was before the challenge.

Learn more about how Mike and Tim have been developing consistent habits and ideas and methods that they’ve found to be successful or worth trying.

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