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During the pandemic, movie theaters were significantly impacted because people were no longer able to safely occupy indoor spaces in crowds. Producers and companies quickly shifted to a digital means of showcasing new movies. After the pandemic is over, what will happen to the movie theater industry? What will the physical movie theater become?

Mike introduces this topic by sharing his experience watching all 15 seasons of Supernatural over the past year and a half and transitions to talking about the way that theaters and movie theaters are now releasing all their movies online without the physical shows.

Mike and Tim discuss the future of movie theaters after the pandemic is over and whether the industry will change to focusing on releasing movies online from here on. Tim talks about the experience that everyone has when they go to a movie theater from buying popcorn and drinks to sharing the movie with hundreds of other people. The energy that everyone shares in the theater is an experience that just can’t be replicated online yet.

They talk about how the movie theater experience will never go away, but will be akin to amusement parks or historic theaters where there’s an ambiance that people are looking to continue experiencing. Tim talks about his recent experience watching the Mike Tyson versus Mike Jones Jr. boxing match during the pandemic where everyone had to stream it live. There was no audience, but there were audience cues that you can hear as you watched the boxing match. He also mentions that the future of the movie industry is most likely going to be virtual reality movies that you can enjoy at home.

Mike talks about how shows like The Mandalorian is being recorded on a sound stage and the scenery is completely rendered. Technology is at a point where movies could be documented and shared in a way that everyone was already getting used to, but are now completely immersed due to the pandemic and staying at home.

Learn more about where Mike and Tim thinks the movie industry is headed post-pandemic in this episode of design life.

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