Episode 41: Power Pack #31


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All the way from the deep dark stories of cosmic Marvel, we are proud to welcome Al Sedano from the Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast. And we welcome him to this weeks edition of the adventures of Furious Boy. He hates drugs, he is a teenager, and he has super powers. Oh Boy....What trouble can he get into now! Short answer....a lot. But luckily he has brought along his family for back up....right....right?

Okay, wait a minute. I am getting confused. Isn't Alex supposed to be on a rage infused, one boy crusade against the evils of crack ever since the brother of his former long time rival, current short time best friend was killed by cops for robbing a grocery store

What, am I boring you now!!?

Well that is just rude!

Okay...in all seriousness, we continue our talk about how Alex has really gone off the deep end. He is sure that he can single handedly rid the world of crack. And he is just not caring who he upsets. And his attitude has a lot to be desired....but at least Jack is wearing a mustache through the whole issue.

We are also proud to provide you with your own recipe for crack, straight from our science corner. We did not know we had the recipe hidden back there, but after we cleaned out all of the rats, we found a lot of interesting stuff. So join us as we try to clear up some of the fog that probably exists after reading these confusing notes

Oh...also there is the super villain (?) team Trash....so yeah.... probably should have mentioned them.

You can find more of Al Sedano's podcasts at this website: https://asedano.podbean.com/, or find him on your favorite podcatcher at Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast. You can also find him on Twitter as, @AdamThanosPod.

During the episode, we referenced a fantastic article written by Dr. Osvaldo Oyola. Here is the link to read it. https://themiddlespaces.com/2015/12/22/power-pack-says-crack-is-wack/

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