Episode 69: Full Podcast Episode - Natasha Riley Talks Addiction & Anger Management!🔥


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Natasha is the founder of Javery Integrative Wellness Services and a Board Certified Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia with a certification in anger management. She has worked in the mental health field for 4 years with multiple populations. Her experience includes group therapy, individual therapy, and skill building.
Natasha is also under supervision while working towards a certification in sex therapy in hopes of providing a space to integrate the conversation between anger and intimacy.
During her down time you can find her jet setting across the country with family and friends or relaxing at home enjoying quality time with her family.
Natasha gave us the backstory on how and why she became a behavioral health clinician.
Natasha talked about her journey that led her to this very moment in her life.
Natasha shared her experiences since beginning her anger management center.
Natasha discussed her screening process for prospective clients.
Natasha explained the type of work that she most commonly finds herself doing these days.
Natasha shared her experiences since working with those that struggle with addiction and/or anger management related issues and how she manages clients that struggle with these issues as she continue to work with them.
Natasha discussed where she sees the future of her work heading, what she is most passionate about and what else she hopes to accomplish in her life.
Below is where you can find out more about Natasha’s work.
Email: info@javerywellness.com
FaceBook: fb.me/JaveryIWS
Additional Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
American Association of Poison Control Centers
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