Episode 61: Full Podcast Episode - Robert Lewis Jr. Talks The Law, Addiction & Anger.🔥


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Full Podcast Episode: Robert Lewis Jr. Talks The Law, Addiction & Anger.
Robert Lewis Jr. Brief Biography:
Robert Lewis Jr. has experience in finance, business and law and feels that “he was born to protect the rights of others”. Mr. Lewis had humble beginnings in Fayetteville, NC. An unexpected injury during his college basketball experience abruptly changed the course of his life. It was during this time at St. John’s University where he was pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Economics that he decided to pursue a law degree.
Mr. Lewis fulfilled the dream his mother always had for him, which was to become a lawyer. While Mr. Lewis pursued his legal studies at St. John’s University his work as an Investment Consultant for Essex Corporation and a Securities and Commercial Litigation Specialist for Merrill Lynch inspired Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis earned a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Law in Bankruptcy (LL.M.).
Mr. Lewis was the first African-American Judicial Law Clerk at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of North Carolina. Subsequently, Mr. Lewis specialized in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases. In 2007, Mr. Lewis opened the doors to his own company.
During this podcast episode:
Robert Lewis Jr. shared his mother’s dream of him becoming a lawyer. Mr. Lewis told us more about this dream and shared exactly what motivated him to become a lawyer?
Mr. Lewis explained the “Masters of Law in Bankruptcy (LL.M.)” and communicated about exactly what that degree includes and what motivated him to earn that degree.
Mr. Lewis was the first “African-American Judicial Law Clerk at the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of North Carolina”. Mr. Lewis described what that experience was like.
Mr. Lewis helps people with issues surrounding discrimination in the workplace, an issue that remains of particular interest to me. Mr. Lewis shared what motivated him to assist people with those issues and what his experiences have been in this area of law.
Mr. Lewis has been in his own private practice since 2007. Mr. Lewis explained what motivated him to open up his own private practice instead of continuing to work for other people.
Mr. Lewis shared what his experiences have been overall since entering into private practice.
Mr. Lewis explained his screening process for prospective clients.
Mr. Lewis discussed what type of work that he most commonly finds himself doing these days.
Mr. Lewis tells us more about his current work and how he came to be so passionate about this work.
Mr. Lewis reflected upon his work with those that struggle with addiction and/or anger management. Mr. Lewis reflected upon his experiences of working with those that struggle with these issues and how he manages clients that struggle with these issues as he continue to work with them.
Mr. Lewis explained his court preparation as he goes back and forth to court on behalf of his clients.
Mr. Lewis shared his vision of where he envisions the future of his work heading.
Mr. Lewis lets us know how people can find out more about the work that he does.
555 Fayetteville Street, Suite 201
Raleigh, NC 27601
PHONE:(919) 719-3906
FAX:(919) 573-9161
EMAIL: rlewis@thelewislawfirm.com
428 E Fourth Street, Unit 401,
Charlotte, NC 28202,
PHONE:(919) 719-3906
FAX:(919) 573-9161
Mr. Lewis’s website: http://www.thelewislawfirm.com/
Additional Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
American Association of Poison Control Centers
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