How God pulls you to Him? Interview with Baylee Dunn


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In this episode of The Unresolved Life, Teresa sits with Baylee Dunn, a survivor who narrates the story of how God pulled her through major psychological health issues originating from her birth. Listen now and be inspired by Baylee's experience Conversation Highlights [00:41] Teresa introduces a company dedicated to rescuing girls from sex trafficking and rehabilitating them; Teshuah Tea Company. Website: Podcast: Liberty Unveiled (also on the Unresolved Podcast Network) [01:59] Teresa shares she noticed Baylee had a story from posts on her profile [02:13] Baylee introduces herself and describes the history behind her health challenges, being a stroke at birth. [04:28] She narrates in detail her ordeal though different diagnoses and health facilities, till she was finally diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. [05:50] At the time she was having delusions her faith was weak [06:54] The turning point in her faith that led her on the path to recovery was when she prayed, joining faith with one of her attending nurses. [08:15] Baylee grew to see God in the kindness of others, His word, and the gathering of brethren. [08:43] She has made drastic recovery since her walk with God began and is now moving forward in other aspects of her life [09:57] Baylee's message to anyone facing similar issues: "No matter how dark it gets, there is hope in Jesus" [11:30] If she had to go through it all again just for one person to see Jesus, Baylee says she would. [11:43] Baylee shares her plans going forward [12:40] To start the path to healing, the first thing you should do is ask for help [13:48] How to reach out to Baylee Instagram: Bayleemdunn To reach Teresa: Remarkable Quotes: [06:31] "He will bring you through anything that you're going through" [10:17] "There is hope in Jesus" Sponsor: Teshua Tea Co.

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