Interview with J Jay Ricci


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In this episode of The Unresolved Life, Teresa Blaise sits with John Jay Ricci, and they discuss certain precepts of Evangelism, with real-life experiences narrated by John himself describing his walk to salvation. Listen in and be inspired by John Conversation Highlights [01:42] John introduces himself and his current work in the gospel of salvation [02:28] He shares his backstory, narrating his journey to finding Christ [17:34] A lot of people are in church physically but there’s a war between them and God [24:52] Hebrews 13 v 5; The Game Changer [28:52] The Greek translation of the word ”Remission” is “Cleanse”. [30:36]If you’re praying for someone and it’s a hard case, don’t give up [31:44] Eyesight can be a huge hindrance because we’re judging based on what we see while God is saying “Don’t judge based on what you see” [34:50]God rarely wants to use one of our perceived strengths but he wants to use one of our weaknesses; that's when He gets the glory. [38:24]A life of rebellion is a life calling out for help [40:44] It is okay to ask “why?”. [42:52]The book “Evangelism's Flipside: A Journey of Reaping the Unexpected” by John Jay Ricci How To Contact JJ: J Jay Ricci's Website

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