Unsee The Future – EP27: Travel, part 2


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UNSEE THE FUTURE: HOW TO ENCOURAGE THE MORE HOPEFUL HUMAN TOMORROW. Episode 27: Travel, part 2 The bloke from Momo:tempo, music maker and creative Timo Peach is back – to continue his journey of exploring his creative futurism project with a personal, idiosyncratic podcast and blog, asking: Do you sometimes wish you could unsee the future? Is it time to close our eyes for a moment, and begin the process of trying to come to our senses? We like to get out, don't we? The human instinct to travel reflects nature's own – the impulse to mix things up. And in modern times, this has unlocked the world for all of us, mixing up cultures, outlooks and expectations – with some hidden costs and bad habits coming home to us now. In this bumper end of summer episode, Momo contrasts our current engineered capabilities to help reduce travel emissions with a whole new way to look at the very idea. Follow the future and join in at UnseeTheFuture.com

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