The Nazca Alien Mummy Bonus Episode June 24, 2017

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The internet is on fire with the announcement of a mysterious Mummy supposedly unearthed near the Nazca Lines in Peru that depicts a three fingered alien being.

The video on Gaia, a new age streaming media site has over 18 Million Views. And that is just the teaser trailer for a much larger production Unearthing Nazca. To preview the content beyond the teaser, you need to be a member, which costs around a $100 US per year.

So what do we know so far? First off, there are people connected with this archaeological discovery that are known hoaxers. That is a historic fact.

Next, we know, through the DNA samples provided, that the mummy is a human female, at least according to Professor Constantine Korotkov's team. Korotkov, is the inventor of a special form of photography, said to take photos of the human aura. That is a strange person to have as the lead on a historic archaeological discovery.

But the sensationalism must continue, so now they are asking the question – Was this Mummy Preserved by humans or non-humans? C'mon. So its not an alien, but it could have been mummified by an alien? That is some wild, wild speculation.

The specimen we are told is the most important discovery of the 21st century, sits atop a table, as people in face masks and blue jeans poke at its powdery skin, violating a lot of best practices to say the least.

A forensic expert claims that because the mummy has three long fingers, he believes it is not from a human species. Well, yes, the hands, could very well be from a primate, or created of a primates hand to create a hoax.

The obvious plaster like appearance of the mummy is another red flag. But the video tells us this is some sort of special white powder designed somehow to preserve the body for millions of years. This is the same team that fooled some people a few years back with the alien claw, a white, three fingers hand covered in white powder. Other hoaxes perpetrated by members of this team were the demonic faery, the Roswell Slides, The Metipec Creature, 2005 Alien Photo and the Jonathan Reed Alien Story.

But what about this latest alien mummy?

The discovery was not published in any publication or media other than Gaia. In fact, no documentation about location, context or discovery was ever provided. And, no scientific results have been confirmed or retested because it has not been made available to anyone else.

According to archaeologists and forensic experts and UFO watchdogs, this screams hoax.

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