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Michele Chevalley Hedge, nutritionist, health writer, presenter and author of The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet joins me to talk hormones, polycystic ovarian syndrome, the thyroid, and stress. But what are hormones? What do they do? How do we know when they're out of balance, and most importantly what can we do about it? It has been said that 95% of the population is affected at some point in their life from some type of hormonal imbalance. Tune in as we discuss and also leave you with a number of simple tips. Download the PDF transcription Dr. Ron Ehrlich: Hello and welcome to Unstress. I'm Dr. Ron Ehrlich. Now, you will have understood, whatever the subject we cover in this podcast, it's ultimately about stress, and to build resilience to deal with those stresses. In my opinion, anything that upsets the balance of our body, the homeostasis if you like, is what I would define as the stress and that's the five stressor model, emotional, environmental, postural, nutrition and yes, dental stress. And while things are getting more complicated and they may seem overwhelming, particularly when we start being bombarded by medical conditions of all sorts of descriptions, well while it appears that things are becoming more complicated, I actually believe the solutions are remarkably simple. So don't confuse the complexity of our daily lives and what comes at us, with some very simple steps that you can take each and every day that are very doable, accessible, sustainable and cheap, which leads us to today's topic, healthy hormones. Firstly, what are they? What are hormones? What do they do? How do we know when they're out of balance, and most importantly what can we do about it? Now, we're going to get into some specifics, you can't talk about stress without talking about cortisol, apparently the king of all hormones. With some positives, which help us get out of stressful situations and some negatives when you are chronically stressed, which clearly quite a few people are. Then, of course, there's insulin. Now, if you've been following the podcast, you will have picked up a common theme that comes from almost all of our guests, whether we're talking about cardiovascular health, cancer, diabetes, you name it, the lower your insulin levels the better. And then, of course, there's another really important hormone called leptin, which we will cover. Now, while we're on the subject of insulin and leptin, we'll also talk in this episode about PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. We will also talk about thyroid, a huge problem in our world. And not just underactive or overactive thyroids, but worryingly there is a significant increase in thyroid cancers. We'll also cover serotonin, connected to moods and some really disturbing stats on mental health issues, testosterone, estrogen, yes, we'll cover those two. So my guest today is nutritionist, health writer, presenter, Michele Chevalley Hedge. She's just released a fabulous book, The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet, and it's obviously the subject of today's podcast. Now, Michele has worked in the corporate world at a very senior level, before qualifying as a nutritionist. She's got three teenage kids, a very busy husband, and apparently a not so bright dog, so she understands what busy means and she can really understand what people's challenges are in a modern world. She loves to write and contributes to Body & Soul, Huffington Post, Mama Mia, Prevention, Wellbeing, Cosmo, MindFood and many others. She gives some great tips at the end of our chat and answers the question I love to ask every guest and that is, what's the greatest ... in your opinion what's the greatest challenge people face in our modern world on their health journey through life? Oh, I think it's interesting to hear what people have to say about that. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Michele Chevalley Hedge. Hello, welcome, Michele. Michele Chevalley Hedge: Hello Ron...

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