Episode 76


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Unsupported Operation 76

Snakes are like small children

  • Oracle ordered to pay Googles Legal Fees
  • Oracle Cloud launched
  • Apple/Google(Motorola) case thrown out by Judge - as neither side could proove damages, Judge thru out the case - good to see judges with balls lately - call it “not in the public interest” to continue it.


  • Apache Oozie 3.2.0 released - Hadoop workflow/coordination system with DAGs
  • Nutch 1.5 - web search, now based on SOLR instead of lucene directly. Apache Tika and Hadoop involved?
  • Rave 0.12 - Alpha
  • Apache Syncope 1.0.0-incubating - Open Source Identity Management for enterprises
  • HttpComponents HttpCore 4.2.1GA released
  • Felix Configuration Admin 1.4.0 released
  • Apache Jackrabbit 2.4.2


  • Groovy 2.0 RC


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