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Unsupported Operation Episode 83


  • JDK 8 build b90 - closures work well on my Mac, except for when using the method handler reference i.e. Integer::parseInt
  • TestNG 6.8.5 released, along with new Eclipse plugin
  • Gerrit 2.5.4 released, small security upgrade, 2.6rc3 out, along with 2.7rc1 ( two RC’s out concurrently is odd, I knew the Doctor crossing his timelines would have repercussions ).
  • OSDC NZ2013 website now live - now sure when that actually happened. If there was ever a developer focused conference in NZ to go to - I think this would be the more appropriate.
  • JavaFX Gradle Plugin 0.3
  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP opened




  • karma-maven-plugin
  • release-pom plugin
  • License Maven Plugin 1.5
  • Maven Dependency Plugin 2.8 Released
  • Maven Site Plugin 3.3 Released
  • Maven Project Info Reports Plugin version 2.7 Released
  • GString Maven Plugin - as heard on the last IA - Richard loves his gstrings.


  • getclojure.org - search for usages of function compositions
  • Grojure 0.7 - Groovy like syntax for Clojure
  • Screencast on using Clojure + Sublime Text


  • Scalabitz launched this week - new news site collating everything Scala orientated.
  • Scalabitz led me to g8ling - a website cataloging giter8 templates.
  • Giter8 itself is a Scala based project templating tool, similar to maven archetypes but project/language independent (tho mostly used by scala), template projects are stored on github.

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