2.06 - The Graveyard Shuffle


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by Jessica Best

Halloween made manifest

Everyone’s invited

The boundaries are breached


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This episode features: Clarisa Cherie Rios as Lily, Marsha Harman as Dot, Michael Turrentine as Wes, Amelia Bethel as Marisol, Joshua K. Harris as Rudy, Isa Ramos as Spikes, Mark Soloff as [REDACTED], Krista D’Agostino as Hazel and Pat King as Chester. Mt Absalom Evil laugh contest participants: Jessica Wright Buha, Jessica Best, Bilal Dardai, Jim McDoniel, Eleanor Hyde, Jeffrey Nils Gardner, Ryan Schile, Tara Schile, Marsha Harman, Amelia Bethel, Joshua K. Harris, Michael Turrentine, Max Kreisky, Josh Rubino, Whitney Johnson, and Christopher J. Wilson.

Written by Jessica Best, sound design by Ryan Schile, directed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner, music composed by Stephen Poon, recording engineer Mel Ruder, Theme performed by Stephen Poon, Lauren Kelly, Gunnar Jebsen, Travis Elfers, Mel Ruder, and Betsey Palmer, Unwell lead sound designer Ryan Schile, Executives Producers Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Gardner, by HartLife NFP. Music and lyrics for“My Boyfriend is a Jack O’Lantern” by Jessica Best. Lyrics for“Do the Trick Or Treat” and “The Graveyard Shuffle” by Jessica Best, with music by Stephen Poon. All songs performed by Clayton Faits (Guitars), Joe Griffin (Guitars), Dan Schaeffer (Bass), David Schaeffer (Drums), Betsey Palmer (Lead vocals on “My Boyfriend is a Jack O’Lantern,” backing vocals on “Do the Trick Or Treat” and “The Graveyard Shuffle”), Stephen Poon (Backing Vocals and Yells on “Do the Trick Or Treat”), Michael Turrentine (Lead Vocals on “Do the Trick or Treat,” backing vocals on “The Graveyard Shuffle”), Jeffrey Nils Gardner (Lead vocals on “The Graveyard Shuffle.”). Recorded by Daniel Christian and Jeffrey Nils Gardner. Mixed and mastered by Gunnar Jebsen

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