Episode 553, Talking Michigan Elk and Predator Hunting with Drakes Guide Service Owner Jennifer Drake


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The guys are talking Michigan elk and predator hunting with the first female hunting guide in the state of Michigan Jennifer Drake of Drakes Guide Service.

Michigan elk hunting

  1. How she got started in guiding
  2. Her conservation side
  3. Proposed new guide rules for Michigan
  4. How watching one of her hunters take an elk makes her feel
  5. How the December elk hunt went down for her hunter
  6. Talking about what to shoot
  7. Western elk hunting vs Michigan elk hunting
  8. Trusting your guide and doing research on your guide
  9. Guides helping other guides
  10. Working with farmers
  11. Hunting elk in Michigan in the fall vs winter
  12. Staying in shape for grueling hunts
  13. Letting your guide know your physical limitations

Predator hunting in Michigan

  1. Guide for bears with dogs or bait
  2. Day or night hunts for bobcat
  3. Bigger bobcats are in the upper peninsula
  4. Becoming more popular in recent years
  5. Provide more of a challenge than most any other animal
  6. How many hunters per group
  7. More of a mobile hunt
  8. How to obtain special tags for bobcat
  9. Same opportunity to kill a coyote while bobcat hunting

Viewer question about bow hunting elk in Michigan

Kids and hunting

Foraging for snacks in the woods

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