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Before launching this next season of Upbringing, we’d like to share a handful of favorite podcast episodes we’ve been interviewed on recently. For the next few weeks, tune in as we connect with inspiring parenting communities about our radical mission to practice powers beyond control when it comes to daily discipline!
Find the Magic is a top-rated podcast hosted by three mothers who aspire to help cultivate meaningful family connections through unconditional love, respect and wholehearted awareness. They offer tips and strategies to create peace, authenticity and self-love in families, and we really enjoyed chatting with them about the beauty and necessity of kids’ resistance and how we can bravely work with- rather than against- it to empower the next generation.
We talk in broad terms about the beauty of growing up alongside our kids, our power + privilege as parents, and why getting aware of and supporting our kids’ personal freedoms is critical. We also expand on how we can sensitively support specific daily challenges like sibling conflict, toothbrushing resistance, spirited kids in public and chore resistance using the RESIST Approach. Fun stuff!
We hope you enjoy our conversation on Find The Magic as much as we did! Head on over to to learn more, and check out this episode’s show notes to get more details on our conversation.
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