LIVE Q&A // Defiant, resistant kids, bad manners, hitting, no boundaries, transition struggles, won’t clean up


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Welcome back to our LIVE Q&A SERIES on the podcast through the rest of the year, using the audio from our weekly Instagram LIVE videos. A few of the topics we cover this episode:

- How we’re trying to raise non-fragile white kids
- Connection vs control
- Kid won’t say please + thank you
- How to deal with grief in front of young kids
- 2.5 yo hitting parents whenever they’re frustrated
- 5 yo has big scary feelings
- What kids’ resistance tells us
- Our Freedoms Model
- How resilience is built in kids
- Why we explore kids’ needs more than the behavior + impact
- Spirited 3 yo rejects 2 yo sib while playing
- How to teach kids about boundaries
- Spirited 2.5 yo struggling during transitions
- Parent struggling to self-regulate + not yell
- 4 yo son in pieces over ruined art project
- 4 yo + 7 yo sibs rivalry, jealousy
- Kid not wanting to leave preschool
- Alternatives to calling kids’ work “messes”
- 10 yo won’t brush hair or value hygiene
- Kid struggling with zoom school

Tune in and connect on our LIVE Q&As, every Tuesday AND Thursday at 5PM PST on Instagram. Catch up on past LIVE session on our IGTV tab. As always, we laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!

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