LIVE Q&A // Kids pinching, power struggles, hot tempers, screaming in parent's face, spitting + hitting, meltdowns + unsafe play


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Welcome back to our LIVE Q&A SERIES on the podcast where we use the audio from our weekly Instagram LIVE videos.

A few of the topics we cover this episode:

- Kid pinching when dysregulated or a limit is set
- 5 yo power struggles, quick to anger + snap at parent
- Kid like a volcano
- 9 yo boy screams in parent's face
- Parents feeling triggered by kids' anger
- Why all feelings are valuable + how to support kids in the moment
- Kid spitting, hurting parent when asked to do something
- The value of kids' resistance
- Why attention-seeking is connection-seeking
- The CONTROL toolbox we don't need
- 4yo melting down for 40+ minutes
- Kid refusing to talk about their feelings
- Baby + kid nervous systems + why to pay attention to them
- Unsafe play + how to support without "that's not safe!"
- The power of the "Circle Back"
- 4 yo melting down - consequences?

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