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Before launching this next season, we wanted to highlight a handful of favorite podcasts we’ve been guests on recently. We speak with some amazing folks about Upbringing, our mission and approach in practicing powers beyond control when it comes to daily discipline with our kids!
Not Your Mother’s Podcast is a top-rated show hosted by Sonnet & Veronica, two mothers who have sought some of the best experts in their fields to discuss the unspoken parts of motherhood, giving actionable insights and support that parents can immediately implement in their life. We loved chatting with them about our power as parents, why we created the RESIST Approach and the incredible opportunity to raise kids with consent awareness and skills.
We discuss how Upbringing began, the unconscious hypocrisy we discovered when our daughters were toddlers, and how supporting our kids’ body awareness and autonomy is a critical aspect to raising the next generation. We also unpack and walk through some specific ways we can honor our kids’ inherent Freedoms, doing WITH rather than TO them during daily caregiving challenges. From bathtime to diapering to car seats to dressing, we unpack how we can practice and promote the concept of consent. Fun stuff!
We hope you enjoy our conversation on Not Your Mother’s Podcast as much as we did! Head on over to to learn more, and check out our shownotes to get more details on our conversation and Sonnet & Veronica’s podcast links.
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