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Gameweek 8 Points! 40 points (AVG: 36). Fixture Difficulty Cheatsheet is ready with all new team ratings. Working on the fixtures uncovered a new combination differential GW9. Sell Pukki, buy Wilson?


FPL GW9 Team

🚨 Final GW9 Team! 🚨

TRANSFERS OUT: Aguero, Gallagher, van Dijk
TRANSFERS IN: Abraham, Wilson (c), Alexander-Arnold

***UPDATE: Going for a mini-wildcard with 3 transfers and a -4 hit (2FTs). Late move for TAA whose price is close to rising. Waiting could price me out of next week’s transfer plan. Digne and Everton have to deliver against West Ham, no excuses. Need a bit of magic from Son if he comes off the bench! Thanks for watching and good luck!!! 👍💯 -Bruno

FPL GW9 Team

Previous updates.

• Nearly there! Two free transfers from Plan A to be confirmed before Friday night’s price changes. There is a change in Plan B. If I take a hit, it won’t be to sell Digne. Thinking ahead of next week’s potential transfers requires a different swap this week. I’ll post it as soon as it’s confirmed.

• No transfers confirmed yet. Two free transfers this week to get back on track. GW9 transfer plan, or Plan A, revealed on the video. Plan B is to sell Digne for Pereira for a -4 hit.

PS: I’ve added #Elite64 ownership stats below.

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  • Sell Pukki, Buy Wilson? GW9 Transfers

#ELITE64 ownership stats.


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Gameweek 9 Team! 40 points, yet another low-scoring average. Fixture Difficulty Cheatsheet is ready! Sell Pukki, buy Wilson? Thanks for watching and let’s rate your team!


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