Leadership Journey Week 5 - Developing Leaders in-season


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Brian Kight will be joining the Coach and Coordinator podcast for the Leadership Journey series. Kight and our host Keith Grabowski, will share ways coaches can change their mindsets and improve as leaders. On today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, our host Keith Grabowski is joined by founder of dailydiscipline.com and former CEO of Focus 3, Brian Kight. Having been on the show previously for the Leadership Journey series, Kight rejoins the show to speak on developing leadership within your team during the season. 0:40 In-season versus off-season leadership 3:20 Learning by doing instead of observing 7:02 In-season availability to improve leadership 9:25 How are coaches giving leadership reps 10:40 Why does a leader exist 15:30 Giving young players bits of leadership experience 19:00 Leading = Responsibility 25:50 Weight of responsibility 32:20 Players being vocal Related Content https://soundcloud.com/user-804678956/leadership-journey-with-brian-kight-week-4-player-led-team-vs-coach-led https://soundcloud.com/user-804678956/leadership-journey-with-brian-kight-week-4-player-led-team-vs-coach-led https://soundcloud.com/user-804678956/leadership-journey-entitlement https://soundcloud.com/user-804678956/leadership-journey-living-the-standard-we-set

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