#230 Growth marketing with Sara Öhman


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What is growth marketing? We were curious so we asked Swedish digital marketing expert Sara Öhman to join us and explain what is it and share some of the methods and processes she has in her toolbox.

Sara is one of the leading experts in social media and digital marketing in Sweden and has taught and advised hundreds of marketers and future marketers about growth marketing, data driven marketing and social media.

We learnt that many of the methods are similar but go by different names, that narrowing your target audience can explain your audience, the move from growth hacking to growth marketing, the silo between marketing and UX – and we all just need to be more genuine.

(Listening time: 33 minutes, transcript)

Episode 230: Growth marketing with @saraohman.

Sara shares some of her methods and processes and gives us a peek into the world of marketing – which from a UX viewpoint is often siloed away from us.https://t.co/t5FsfQQxlL#growthmarketing #ux #uxpodcast pic.twitter.com/Xs3o4ZQHHz

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