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Kim recently took a weekend getaway to Victoria, British Columbia on the Victoria Clipper ferry from Seattle. Find out where they stayed, what they did, and tips for taking the ferry. Wait until you hear about the orcas on the whale watch they went on!


00:30 - Talking with Kim about Victoria

04:15 - Traveling on the Victoria Clipper

07:43 - Where to stay in Victoria

10:45 - Things to do in Victoria

28:10 - Where to eat in Victoria

33:10 - Final tips

35:16 - Shoutout!

  • You can travel by ferry from Seattle to British Columbia on the Victoria Clipper. There are various levels of service. If you are in the higher class, you will actually exit last because they will let the travelers out from the bottom floor up. This also means that you will be the last to get in line for customs in you are in the higher classes.
  • The upper levels of the Victoria Clipper feature front facing seats for everyone. So if you get motion sick that could be a definite plus.
  • There is no Uber in Victoria, only taxi services. So keep that in mind if you are planning a budget for you trip to British Columbia.
  • You should also keep in mind that the famous Butchart Gardens are not by the downtown area. So you will have to pay a lot for a taxi. There is also an option to book a tour charter that will take you to the gardens and they will let you know when you need to be back on the bus to go back.
  • If you or your kids are adventurous at all you should look into going to Wild Play,which is an outdoor obstacle course with ziplines, log ladders, nets, rope swings, wobbly bridges and more. The higher you go the more challenging it gets!
  • Going whale watching can be a fantastic experience, especially on a jet boat. Just be prepared to experience the full circle of life if you encounter any orcas (or killer whales.)
  • There is a great museum right next to the Parliament building called the Royal BC Museum. They offer a very interactive experience, which is great with kids.
  • Don’t forget that you should dress in layers because this is a coastal area and it can get cold at night. You should also think about packing a waterproof jacket because even if it doesn’t call for rain, it could rain during the day and burn off later.

Inn at Laurel Point

Wild Play

Royal BC Museum

Finn’s Seafood Chop Cocktails



Floyd’s Diner


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