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This week we are chatting with Lee Huffman from the We Travel There podcast about his recent father-son trip to Amsterdam and Billund, Denmark. Learn about everything LEGO including LEGOLAND Denmark, LEGO House, and the LEGO Hotel.


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Lee Huffman spent 18 years in banking and investments and now uses that insider knowledge to write about credit cards, travel, and other personal finance topics. Lee enjoys showing people how to travel more, spend less, and live better through the power of travel rewards. You can connect with him at BaldThoughts.com. Follow Lee Huffman on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also listen to him at We Travel There.

  • Don’t be scared to take a solo trip with your kid, even if you are trying to squeak it into a week break that they have in school. Taking those solo trips with your kids and centering it around something they really enjoy or have wanted to do will create some great bonding opportunities.
  • If you visit Amsterdam, you should think about getting the Amsterdam Pass. With the pass you can get free entry into over 50 attractions plus free bus and boat tours. Getting the pass will save you a good amount of money if you are planning to do a lot of sightseeing while you are there.
  • If you plan on visiting the Anne Frank House, you will need to make sure that you book your tickets in advance, because they do sell out pretty quickly. You should also know that when you are booking your tickets you can only book them 60 days in advance!
  • LEGO House is a really fun and interactive place to visit. Just ordering your food, you will get a pack of LEGOs, which is how you pick what you want to order according to the color and shape. You will stack what you want together and then put them into a machine that has a screen. The screen with then play a little video that makes it looks like little robots are making your food. They when your food is ready there are animatronic robots that are there to ‘serve’ you the food.
  • You should reach out to the hotel you are staying in. They may be able to give a LEGO card which can get you some discounts or even something free at some of the local businesses.
  • If you do go to LEGO House you should make sure that you go up the outside of the building to these little terraces that each have an activity center with different themes. Your kids will love to explore these before you leave.
  • There are three properties that are part of the LEGOland property. The LEGOland Castle Hotel is a happy medium. You will get good accommodations without paying too much. The Wilderness Barrels and Cabins is comparable to camping, including having to walk to the bathroom. Than there is the Hotel LEGOland that is attached to the park and also the most expensive.
  • A good thing to keep in mind when you are traveling with younger kids is that uou should run through what to expect with your kids before hand, that way they can be a little more understanding of what is going on each day. This may also get the kids excited and looking forward to the trip.
  • If they are a little older, make sure that you are giving them a chance to pick out some activities or sights that they want to do/see. Try to involve them in the planning process a bit.
  • If you are taking a solo trip with you kid, you should think about scheduling times in each day when you can call or Skype with mom/dad maybe even siblings.
  • Always have your kids use the restroom before boarding!!

Lee loves to wear a hoodie when he travels, especially on a plane so that he has a pillow/eye mask/blanket!


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Episode 93: Visiting Amsterdam with kids


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