Episode 141: Tower Mode Improvements, Web Warrior Events, Pocket Dimension Picks and more


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2022 is in full swing and it's time to discuss all the latest news of Marvel Strike Force. This week I am joined by Boilon and we discuss Tower Mode, Fresh Horizons and more including:
Tower Mode Thoughts 01:22
12 Days of Scopely 07:45
H4H - Best Team for New Players? 10:34
Scarlet Spider Best Web Warrior? 13:00
Fresh Horizons Event 15:17
Pocket Dimensions and Best Resolute 19:30
Ghost Spider Blitz tonight 24:13
Spider Punk Coming Soon 26:05
Ikaris to Red Star Store! 27:27
Tadano Mac Shards When? 29:28
Doc Ock Returning... when Omega Red? 31:24
Zemo Costume of Silver Samurai? 33:58
T'Challa Coming How- Knowhere Heist? 37:39
Apocalypse Coming in 2022 39:36
Next Legendary unlock guesses 41:22
New Tech and Horsemen Rumors 44:04
Spider-Man Far From Home Discussion (SPOLIER WARNING) 49:13
Final Thoughts 56:57
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