VREP #246 | A Complete Guide to Vancouver's Peat Bog Areas with Jeff Langford


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Did you know much of Vancouver used to be swamp land? Perhaps that accounts for a couple of things: first, our city's brutal rat problem which rivals New York City on a per capita basis and, second, the uneven streets, sidewalks and even homes that form part of our neighbourhoods. This week, expert builder and co-owner of JDL Homes Vancouver, Jeff Langford joins Adam and Matt to cover all things Vancouver peat bog. And sinking foundations, crowned sidewalks, and shifting rooflines may be the least of your worries if you do not listen up! What do buyers need to know about potentially purchasing on the peat bog? Are there steps existing homeowners can take to mitigate risk? And how - and at what cost - can you build your dream home in one of Vancouver's best neighborhoods that doubles as a wetland? Stay dry out there folks!

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